Ray Castellino, a pioneer in the field of pre and perinatal psychology to facilitate bonding and attachment, will always be part of our team.

With our work we follow and honor with deep appreciation his practice for more than 50 years, which helped thousands of people resolve prenatal, birth and other trauma related to early childhood and stress and developed methods to support families and Adults.


Fabiola Cortés-Funes Urquijo


Founding Partner

Collegiate Health Psychologist. Family Psychotherapist. Perinatal Therapist

Carmen Martinez Fernandez


Founding Partner

Osteopath. Craniosacral therapist. Perinatal therapist

Álvaro Gutiérrez Martí


Founding Partner

Amelia San Millán

Marketing and Institutional Relations


Janire Momeñe

Research Department, Analysis and Evaluation

Doctor of Psychology, Clinical Psychologist

Interdisciplinary team

of Professional psychologists, gynecologists, midwives, therapists and educators

Isabel Rosas Alcantara

Gynecology Specialist

Integrative Obstetrics and Gynecology

Adelaide Plaza

Midwife since 1.984, with dedication to the work of attention primary and community, as a priority.

Accompanying the processes of Birth from integrality.


Javier de Felipe Oroquieta

Neuroscientist and Director of the Cajal Laboratory of Cortical Circuits at the UPM

Director of the Cajal Blue Brain in Spain and Co-director of the Human Brain Project (EU)

Nazareth Castellanos

Director of the Nirakara Neuroscience Laboratory of the Complutense University,

Doctor of Medicine- Neuroscience

Marta Nieto Lopez

Titular Scientist of the CSIC. National Center for Biotechnology.

CNB-CSIC (Madrid)

Keka Pallas

Neonatologist, Head of the Neonatology Service of the Hospital 12 de Octubre, adhered to the UNICEF NIDCAP initiative

Ana Estévez

Doctor in psychology and professor at the Faculty of Psychology of Deusto and Expert in Attachment,

Director of the Master of General Health Psychology

Regina Sala

Specialist in Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

Director of the pediatric clinic service at NHS Foundation Trust. He has worked at King's College London, Cornell University and Columbia University

Mari Fé Rodríguez

Doctor in Psychology and Professor at UNED.

Researcher on evaluation, prevention and treatment of Perinatal Depression and anxiety in pregnancy. Director of the "Mamás y Babies Project"

Tara Blasco

Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology (Santa Barbara Graduate Institute)

Co.director of the Beba Clinic in California, craniosacral therapist and teacher of the Castelino Training in Spain.

Mary Jackson

Midwife since 1975, nurse and craniosacral therapist.

Imparte la formación Castellino en España.

In its first years of incorporating pre- and perinatal practices, the rate of transfers from home birth to hospital decreased from 20% to 6%.


Promote the foundations of the brain and emotional development of the baby and the physical, emotional and mental health of the human being from early childhood, training and accompanying families in the establishment of family ties and secure attachment, health professionals and promoting Governments to develop more effective strategies and policies.


Provide in the public and private health system, information, training and tools for mothers, fathers and professionals useful to optimize the development of babies and become a reference entity in neuroscience, with scientific evidence that demonstrates the convenience of investing in this stage.


HUMANISM: The person and the families are the axis of our mission, and we accompany the person in an integral way.
FULL COMMITMENT to offering the best resources available from our integrity.
CONFIDENCE in the ability of families and professionals.