FUNDEVAS INTERNATIONAL ASSOCIATION is a non-profit association (*) whose main purpose is to promote Comprehensive and Interdisciplinary Care to pregnant women, mothers and fathers, babies and families in the first 1,000 days of life and early childhood, accompany with training and research to professionals and health centers and promote public policies that guarantee the best development of babies in the most important stage for their brain development.

* Association registered in the National Registry of Associations of the Ministry of the Interior in Section 1 National Number 621795.



Fundevas promotes training in pre- and perinatal psychology and emotional regulation in the fields of psychiatry, obstetrics, obstetrics, neuropediatrics, neuroscience, obstetric nursing, etc... with a school for families with newborns in the ICU or with problems, and pregnant women.

ACTION PROTOCOLS: Mindfulness, neuroscience and pre and perinatal psychology

The three action protocols are endorsed by the Complutense University of Madrid (Master of Mindfulness and Research in Health Contexts) and directed by Nazareth Castellanos (Director of the Neuroscience Laboratory of the UCM) and have the support of a team of professionals (psychologists, gynecologists, midwives, therapists and educators who are experts in pre-psychology). and perinatal in the first 1000 days of life).

They make it possible to regulate the family nervous system and medical and health personnel and increase their safety, reduce stress and anxiety, increase their well-being and raise awareness about the needs of the baby and the family at this stage, key in physical and emotional development and mental.


Individual sessions for families

Individual sessions with two expert therapists in pre and perinatal psychology to help regulate the family and resolve the trauma in the baby.

Aimed at families who want to deepen their motherhood, parenthood, bonding and help their baby to integrate the experience of birth and the first months of life.

Session with a therapist: 70€.

Session with two therapists: 140€.

Individualized monitoring of the microbiota

Optimal nutrition during pregnancy and a varied and robust microbiota are two of the most important factors in the optimal development of the baby and in the long term, determinants of its immunological, neurological, digestive and metabolic health. This also translates into a higher number of healthy, complication-free pregnancies and deliveries.

At Fundevas we want to meet the needs of every mom and baby as individuals, supporting them naturally and non-invasively where they are in terms of health, diet and lifestyle.

We offer a cutting-edge service that combines a personalized nutritional and microbiota study for pregnant women or women who are thinking of conceiving based on the latest scientific research and clinical practice.

We offer a pack of 3 consultations that include:

  • An initial 90 minute consultation where health, diet and lifestyle priorities are discussed and a personalised plan is created to optimise nutrition and gut flora. This plan covers the period of pregnancy and up to 3 months postpartum. We will use a simple microbiota test, which can be done at home. Our main tool is food, and in some cases specialized nutritional supplements will be included.
  • Two 60-minute follow-up visits; in principle, one in the middle of the pregnancy and a final one at the end of the pregnancy or post-partum, depending on each case.
  • Ongoing support between consultations and during the first 1000 days via email

Price: €260

Location: online consultations


At Fundevas we work with an innovative method that incorporates techniques of neuroscience (mind-body connection), mindfulness, perinatal psychology and positive psychology, in the following protocols:

12 de Octubre University Hospital: protocol for families with newborns in the ICU

12 de Octubre University Hospital: protocol for healthcare professionals who care for babies hospitalized in the ICU

MEDIQUO: protocol for pregnant women and their partners in the second trimester of pregnancy.

Program information for pregnant women and their partners to support the better development of the baby, pregnancy, childbirth and family bonding.

HM Hospital Puerta del Sur: protocol for pregnant women and their partners.

HM Hospital Puerta del Sur: protocol for healthcare personnel.